House Tile Address Numbers
Porcelain Tile & Powder Coated Iron Frames
All House Tile Address Numbers are custom made to order and are usually shipped within three to four working days.
The best quality Italian Porcelain tile is used which will ensure that our signs last for many years in wet, freezing or sunny conditions.
Much tougher than ceramic tiles.

Our frames are black powder coated wrought iron.
Each frame comes ready assembled with your number tiles installed, together with screws for a quick and easy installation.

Our House Tile Address Numbers are ideal for Homes, Hotels, Offices, Apartments etc.

Porcelain Tile House Address Numbers can be ordered through our store.
Studio/Workshop, 647 S. Palm St, Unit H, La Habra, CA 90631
Tel: 562 697 5251     Fax 562 697 5231     email:
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Tile specifications

Porcelain tumbled tile House Numbers. Rustic aged edges with a stone look.
Tile size:  3.2" x 6.5"
Numbers: 4" high, bold font.
Engraved into the tile and finished with brown or black enamel.
Moisture, frost and heat proof.
Two colors of porcelain available: Cottage Autumn and Cottage Beige
Quality powder coated black iron frames. Made in the USA. Weather proof.
Cottage Autumn color. Porcelain tile
Brown enameled numbers
Cottage Beige color. Porcelain tile
Black enameled numbers
Please note rustic edges.  
All tiles are the same size and will fit into our frames.  Some tiles will be more rustic than others.

Each order will arrive with the tiles installed into the frame, if a frame is ordered.  Screws and wall plugs are also supplied with the
frame. All that is needed is to screw the frame to the wall.
please complete the inquiry form at the
bottom of the page for a quote
Examples of layouts for our House Address Number tiles in our powder coated iron frames. Tiles can be
purchased independently of the frames.
Cottage Beige
Porcelain tile with
black numbers
Cottage Autumn
Porcelain tile with
brown numbers
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RTC Tile Engravers
RTC Tile Engravers,
Studio/Workshop, 647 S. Palm
Street, Unit H. La Habra, CA
Tel 562-697-5251  Fax
562-697-5231 email:
Cottage Beige -
Corners - Spacer
Cottage Beige -
Wrought Iron -
Cottage Autumn -
Corners - Spacer
Cottage Autumn
- Wrought iron -
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Custom tile numbers for homes, apartments, offices hotels etc
Call us with your requirements

Bring your tiles in to be engraved
3"x6" rustic porcelain with copper infill
6"x12" porcelain with brown infill
6"6" Terra Cotta tile with
engraved number
Custom18"x18" porcelain tile with
apartment numbers
New designs on smooth sided porcelain tiles
Porcelain address house numbers and designs.
3"x 6" sold separately or with a our frame.
Frames can be custom made to fit more tiles if necessary.
Bear left and right
Scrolls left
and right
Fir tree
Dolphins left
and right
Examples of layouts using numbers with design spacers
religious designs
tile in
Two tiles
in frame
Fir tree tile and
two numbers in
Trefoil cross and
two numbers in
Bear tile with three numbers
Left and right dolphin
with two numbers
in frame
Eagle tile with four
numbers in frame
Left dolphin with four
numbers in frame
Rustic, tumbled porcelain house number tiles
Please email us at
for any further questions