RTC Tile Engravers  
Designs on brick and stone.
RTC Tile Engravers
647 S Palm St, Unit H
La Habra, CA 90631
Tel: 562 697 5251
Fax: 562 697 5231
Email: rtctile@sbcglobal.net
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Pioneer High School new donor walkway.  Whittier, CA.
Belden clay mixed brick colors and sizes.
St Thomas De Porres, Catholic Church
Courtyard project
Belden 8"x 8" and 4"x 8"- Admiral Full range
Setting bricks into sand
Completed Fundraiser Projects  - Put your ideas into action
Lakeview Elementary School.
3"x 6" Ceramic tiles installed onto existing concrete
seats in school yard
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Whittier Christian High School
Baseball pavilion enhancement
House Ear Research Institute, Los Angeles
Additional names on existing engraved tile.
Engraved on site. - On going project
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Bronze seat plaque
Los Alamitos City Park project
Engraved brick walkway.  Engraved boulder
and bronze plaques inlaid into seats.
St. Linus Church
Converted gardens to brick walkways.
Belden Admiral Red full range.
UC Irvine Medical Center
Orange county, California
New brick walkway to the
Douglas Center - 2012
St Marks Episcopal School, Upland CA
Engraved wall signage and commemorative plaques using stone look porcelain tiles.
Engraved Belden Regimental and Landmark Gray bricks.
Valencia High School
Baseball Pavilion
Admiral Red, Belden bricks
Blind Childrens Center,
Los Angeles
Belden pavers of various colors and sizes with laserblasted clipart
We now have many clipart designs available to add to your pavers..
Click here for full range of brick
Ventura Fair
Over 50 corporate
logo's so far.
This an on going
project.  More photo's
to follow
Ventura Fair Grounds, Front entrance project.  Engraved donor  logo's on Belden Admiral Red clay bricks.
Fundraising bricks and tiles for schools,
churches and community projects
Hand carved
lettering with
hammer and
chisel by Roger
18th hole
Renovation of two signs for Whittier Historic Neighborhood Association in a park and the central reservation of a road.
Cleaned, re-engraved and colored.
Click here to see a logo engraved onto four bricks
Preparing Belden pavers in our
workshop in La habra, California,
with lettering and clipart.
Navy insignia, engraved
fine detail on brick
St Margarets,
San Juan Capistrano
Mark Kepple Foundation
Logo on Belden, Wheatfield pavers
Pacific Panthers, Manhatten Beach.
Pavers being prepared  for shipping.
Belden Lighthouse grey .
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for any further questions